Job Interview Secrets 1.0

Job Interview Secrets 1.0



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Author: Luc Schmitt

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Job Interview Secrets...

Can you afford to make mistakes at your next job interview?

"Are You Looking To Be Employed Next Week?" So are thousands of people across the country.

Do you have a job interview lined up? Do you know you are expected to bring? Are you ready to handle the nervousness? If not, honestly ask yourself this question...

"Job Interview Secrets" is a step by step guide to landing your own job interview and outright ACING IT! If you're someone who recognizes that every interview is the most important interview, this report is for you.

Just LOOK at some of the information you will find inside:

* Learn why it is important to understand a company's application process before contacting them.

* Understand the power of describing your weaknesses as strengths.

* 11 practice questions that interviewers are GOING to ask you.

* Understand the importance of being confident (without being cocky).

* 8 questions that recruiters are NOT allowed to ask.

* 10 practice questions an interviewer may ask you if you've just graduated from college.

* 10 questions YOU may want to ask the interviewer to let them know you're serious about getting this job.

* Learn to avoid making a major mistake when faxing in your resume.

* Learn which colors are best to wear to your interview - for both men and women.

* Realize that staring at items on your interviewer's desk is a BAD thing to do, and why this is true.

* Find out how to prepare for the question, "Would you be a good addition to our company?"

* Understand the 4 most common methods of applying for a job - and the proper etiquette for each of them.

* Discover that "To whom it may concern" are the absolutely WRONG words to use when writing a cover letter - and how to find the right ones.

* Learn the rules for sending your resume through email - not all companies are the same.

* Discover a sneaky tactic for getting information out of current employees.

* Find out when it is acceptable to wear more casual clothing to an interview.

* Understand why delivering your resume in person is really a "pre-interview" and learn how to prepare for it.

* Learn the fastest way to research a potential employer - including where to look and what to look for.

* Find out what you should MAKE SURE to have with you when sitting down with your interviewer.

* Realize that the interviewer is not just finding out if you are skilled enough for the job, but something else that may be a crucial factor.

* Learn the question to ask to show confidence in any interview.

* Learn the RIGHT way to behave and the RIGHT things to say as the interview comes to a close.

* Understand how to appropriately follow up with an interview.

* 7 key factors of body language that could destroy your interview - possibly before it even starts.

* Understand why you can never be too polite to the person directing you to the waiting area before your interview.

* 16 things to do to your resume that will make your recruiter furious! Note: You should NOT do these.

* Learn 9 Do's and Dont's for impressing your interviewer.

* Learn to write a cover letter that stands out - so your resume will actually get read!

* Learn the exact words to use when being interviewed on the telephone.

* Realize your bad speaking habits before your interviewer does... so you can eliminate them before you go in!

* 1 sample cover letter that you can refer back to again and again to make sure yours is top notch.

* Understand how to act if your recruiter asks to interview you during lunch or dinner.

* 10 table manners to remember, just in case you've forgotten!

* Learn what NEEDS to be in your resume if you are to be taken seriously.

* A simple technique for making your resume stand out.

* 15 areas in which your interviewer will be judging you - know them!

And there's MUCH more...

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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